The See America podcast
Eyes on the Sky in Platte River, Nevada

America’s National Parks podcast
Synchronous Fireflies in the Smokies
Spring Migration in the Parks
Protecting Alaska for Generations to Come
Community Science in National Parks
Restoring the Everglades
Scandal and Special People of Effigy Mounds
Digging Up Dinosaurs
Wolves of Isle Royale
St. Croix Heroes and Mussels
Surviving Winter in the National Parks
Humpbacks of Glacier Bay
Life of a Canine Ranger
The Voice of Wilderness in the Storm
238,900 Miles from Idaho
A Race to a Tie


What Types of Plants are in the Tundra?
Abiotic Factors of the Alaskan Tundra
List of Materials That Are Recyclable
Photosynthesis in Pine Trees
What Kingdoms Are Able to Photosynthesize?
What are Some Natural Environmental Issues on the Tundra?
How Do Wetlands Purify Water?
How Do Protists Reproduce?

Great Smoky Mountains National Park official website
The Walker Sisters

Previous Work

Before I started The Curiosity Chronicles, I created blogs for my adventures in the Great Smoky Mountains and my first summer in Alaska. Follow the links below to read more stories of my time in the mountains.

2015: Summer in the Smokies
2016: Discovering Denali