Utqiagvik, Alaska: the Northernmost City in the United States

It’s the end of the summer. In fact, it’s practically the end of fall. In what seems like just moments, we will be in the midst of another seasonal transition—there’s a far-off future with jobs, people, and places we can’t even picture yet. John and I had a final weekend to take advantage of and … Continue reading Utqiagvik, Alaska: the Northernmost City in the United States

Tanzania II

January marked one year since I traveled to Tanzania. Between the intense equatorial heat and relentless bouts of traveler's sickness, I didn't fully realize how much I would miss this incredible country. I remember the red bananas bought from our jeep as we passed a market, a coffee pot sitting on the morning embers of … Continue reading Tanzania II


October brought a slight chill to the air of Montana, reminding me that winter--a winter without school, or class, or homework--was coming. But I've always liked school. I like having a schedule that is scattered throughout my day and ranges from environmental studies to music to tutoring writing and mentoring first years. I loved the … Continue reading Aspen.