Wisdom from the Earth

I slip off my hiking sandals, strappy blue, and take a step forward.
The tundra mosses and plants sink under my feet.
The golden sphagnum moss is soft, supportive.
Lingonberry leaves and fruits tickle my toes, and
colorful lichen in shades of
green, white, and brown frame my feet.

I close my eyes and listen
to the sound of the silty Nenana River nearby.
The wind rustles through the trembling aspen leaves,
the water a quiet, but constant, rush
as it continues its long journey from glacier to Bering Sea.

All at once, I am overwhelmed with emotion.
I am grounded in the earth
and centered by its gravity.
I can feel its wisdom and energy
flowing up through the soles of my feet,
reaching my heart and mind with a glowing force.

I breathe in.
My heart beats one,
three times.

As I exhale, I feel sense of purpose, of love, of beauty.
I can feel that I am made up of the very same things
that created these plants, this river, and the air.
The energy rushes through me,
like the northern lights
as they streak across the night sky.

Through the earth,
I can feel that I do not need to be afraid,
but I do need to carry on.
I need to gather this energy
and use it—
not for myself, but for these beings—
to continue defending the
mosses and trees and rivers
that cannot defend themselves
against ourselves.

How long can the earth afford to wait for us?

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